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2nd Anniversary

Time sure flies…Today marks the 2nd anniversary of opening the doors at our new office (2901 North Shields Drive, Austin TX) after being in our previous location over 20 years. That was some move!!  Happy Anniversary, EOTLC! 

Focused in 2020

At Eyes of Texas Laser Center, we are focused on helping you achieve “visual freedom” in 2020.  For over 20 years, Dr. L. Shawn Wong, M.D. has helped clients in Austin, central Texas and beyond achieve independence from glasses, contact lenses, reading glasses and bi-/tri-focals with Customized LASIK, Lens Implant Vision Correction, and Premium Lens Cataract procedures.

As a reminder, we have moved!  Our office and state-of-the-art surgery facility are now located at 2901 North Shields Drive, Suite 100 in Austin.  We are at the corner of North Shields Drive and the northbound frontage road of Mopac (between Parmer Lane and Scofield Ridge Parkway).  See you here soon!


Happy Anniversary!

October 2013 marks the start of  Dr. L. Shawn Wong and Eyes of Texas Laser Center’s 17th year at their Spicewood Springs Road location.  We’ve enjoyed helping our clients achieve visual freedom from their glasses and contacts over the years.  We look forward to helping many more Central Texans do the same in the years to come.  Happy Anniversary!

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Dr. L. Shawn Wong, M.D. Featured in Austin Monthly’s “431 Top Doctors 2013”

Congratulations to Eyes of Texas Laser Center’s surgeon, L. Shawn Wong, M.D., for being featured in the January 2013 issue of Austin Monthly’s “431 Top Doctors 2013.”  The magazine used Avvo, a company which selects doctors based on a “proprietary algorithm that rates all doctors on a 10 point scale, factoring in peer endorsements, experience, education, training, research, publishing and awards.*”

This year’s Austin Monthly listed doctors in 59 different specialties, with Dr. Wong appearing in the “Ophthalmology” heading.  L. Shawn Wong, M.D. has been helping his clients achieve visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses for over 20 years with state-of-the-art vision correction procedures such as LASIK and Lens Implant vision correction.  This is his 16th year at his 4019 Spicewood Springs location in Austin, TX. 

*Source:  Austin Monthly, January 2013


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Eyes of Texas Laser Center is Now on Facebook!

Here is the link to Eyes of Texas Laser Center’s official Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/texas2020   We’d love to hear from our great past, present and future clients.Dr. L. Shawn Wong, M.D. has enjoyed helping you achieve visual freedom from your glasses and contact lenses for 19 years. This is our 15th year at our Spicewood Springs location. We appreciate your confidence throughout the years in our staff and services. Thank you for recommending Eyes of Texas to your co-workers, friends and family for nearly two decades!

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Traveling After LASIK

It’s a common question that we hear at Eyes of Texas Laser Center, especially as the summer months or extended winter holidays approach…”When can I take a trip after having my LASIK surgery?” 

The vast majority of our clients drive themselves to our office the day after their LASIK surgery for their first post-op visit.  So taking a trip even the day after surgery is fine, pending our surgeon’s (L. Shawn Wong, M.D.’s) approval at the post-op appointment. 

Of course it’s very important that you continue your post-surgery drop regimen even while traveling.  If you’re reaching your destination by airplane, be sure to have your drops (especially your artificial tears) with you in the cabin since the recirculated air can be quite dry.  If you’re driving, take regular “drop breaks” to keep your eyes nice and hydrated. 

Following your surgeon’s recommendations, combined with keeping your eye drop schedule, should help you comfortably reach your destination…all while enjoying the sights along the way with your renewed vision!

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Another LASIK in Austin Review

“Many thanks” to our client, Mike Reed, for taking the time to write such an in-depth and honest account of his LASIK experience here at Eyes of Texas Laser Center.  Take the time to read his LASIK vision correction story at http://www.mikereedphoto.com/blog/?p=534   Mike is a wonderful Austin area wedding/family photographer who is enjoying his renewed vision from LASIK.  His website is www.mikereedphoto.com

Thanks again, Mike.

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Is NOW Your Time to Achieve Visual Freedom?

At Eyes of Texas Laser Center, we specialize in a variety of vision correction procedures.  Since Customized LASIK may not be the best choice for everyone, we offer other options could help you achieve your best vision…without the daily hassles of glasses and contact lenses.

Recently we saw a client who was very interested in LASIK surgery when she originally came in about 10 years ago.  Back then, LASIK eye surgery was not an optimal choice for her.  However, now she is a perfect candidate for Lens Implant Vision Correction, which can correct her vision conditions created by both “Mother Nature” and “Father Time.”   

So, if you’ve been told previously that vision correction surgery is not for you, come in to Eyes of Texas Laser Center and see what options you may have.  Our surgeon, Dr. L. Shawn Wong, M.D, will demonstrate your vision options.  You might be pleased to learn that your time is now to achieve visual freedom! 

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Nearsightedness on the Rise

Reports have shown that the instance of Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is on the rise across America.   In patients surveyed from 1999 till 2004 it was found that 41.6% of Americans suffered from nearsightedness, up 66% from 1971-1972 when only 25% of Americans surveyed were found to suffer from Myopia according to the Archives of Ophthalmology.

Researchers aren’t sure what is causing the increase in nearsightedness but think that it has to deal with both genetics and environmental issues such as more time in front of computer and televisions.

In a normal eye light will enter through the cornea, it then comes to a focus on the retina which is in the back of the eye.  With Myopia the eyeball is longer than normal or the cornea is steeper than normal.  If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from nearsightedness there is hope.  LASIK surgery can be used to treat cases of Myopia and can help in the elimination of the need for contact lenses or glasses.

If you or someone you know is in the Austin, Texas area and suffers from nearsightedness the Eyes Of Texas Laser Center is here to help.  We’ve helped tens of thousands of patients in the Austin, Texas area just like you find out what life can be like without the hassle of corrective lenses.

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