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LASIK Eye Surgery in Austin Review

Just over 2 years ago, one of our more creative clients volunteered to write a blog about his Customized LASIK experience at Eyes of Texas Laser Center.  Marc Gunn is a Celtic American musician, podcaster, and avid blogger.  Go to (Part One), and (Part 2) to read about Marc’s laser vision correction experience. Marc’s homepage is

Help Protect Your Eyesight

New studies have shown that while we are living longer lives due to improved health standards, our eyes are not. At birth our each of our eyes start out with around one hundred and fifty million light catching photoreceptors, but over the course of a lifetime we will end up losing up to several hundred […]

LASIK Allows Military Pilots to Fly

Despite being available for over a decade, militaries have been reluctant to accept trainees who had eliminated their need for glasses through LASIK surgery. Then the United States Air Force decided to allowed trainees to receive laser eye surgery to correct impaired vision. Now the Israel Air Force has graduated its first pilot to receive […]