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Dr. Wong Has Decades of Experience With LASIK

Dr. L. Shawn Wong, M.D. has enjoyed helping you achieve visual freedom from your glasses and contact lenses for over 24 years. We appreciate your confidence throughout the years in our staff and services. Thank you for recommending Eyes of Texas to your co-workers, friends and family over two decades!


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We have helped tens of thousands of clients in Austin and the Central Texas area achieve their best capable vision. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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We Provide A Wide Variety Of Services to Austin TX Patients

At Eyes Of Texas Laser Center, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our clients the gift of visual freedom through LASIK in Austin, Texas. With our advanced Customized LASIK, Lens Vision Correction, Intacs Corneal Rings, Cataract treatments and comprehensive eye exams, we have helped tens of thousands of clients in Austin and the Central Texas area achieve their best capable vision.

A Friendly & Personal Experience

As the first LASIK and Refractive Lens Vision Correction surgeon in Central Texas, Dr. L. Shawn Wong, M.D. is committed to making your LASIK experience as informative and personalized as possible. Our clients love their fantastic results and highly rate both Dr. Wong and his staff at Eyes of Texas Laser Center. Although Dr. Wong’s vast experience as the first LASIK specialist in Austin, Texas is unsurpassed, he believes that LASIK should not be intimidating. Complex technology and medical terms are explained in plain English. Come see why our Austin LASIK clients rate their entire experience as top-notch.

Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about LASIK and the other procedures that Eyes Of Texas Laser Center has to offer. Then contact Dr. Wong and the staff at Eyes Of Texas to see how your vision can be improved through LASIK!

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