Cataract Surgery Testimonials Austin TX

I was told all my life that I would be in glasses forever. That all changed when I walked into Dr. Wong’s office. My visit with Dr. Wong was a breath of fresh air. I was 11 years old when I started wearing glasses. Dr. Wong and his staff were very informative throughout the whole (cataract surgery) process, from pre-surgery to post. All of their instructions were very easy to follow and the best part was coming out of it as a new man. At 79 years of age I am free of my glasses. Not only did Dr. Wong correct my vision, but amazingly the (cataract) procedure also improved colors like I have never seen before. I cannot thank Dr. Wong and his staff enough for the outstanding care I received. I highly recommend their services. You are in good hands with Dr. Wong and his amazing staff. Thank you so much!

– Melroy Eixman, Pflugerville, TX

I was a little perturbed when I realized I had a cataract. I knew that it was just a part of getting older and after seeing Dr. Shawn Wong I felt better about it. He is so positive and supportive. I had the first cataract surgery with the lens replacement, and on the way home from the hospital I could already see much better. I was shocked. The surgery was very easy and exactly what Dr. Wong had explained it would be. Three days after surgery I took a trip and I drove for 5 hours. I could see really well, and even after dark I had no problems. Many times on that trip I just thanked God for my cataract surgery results and for Dr. Wong.

I had surgery on the other eye later and my vision is fantastic. I was also very excited because I could now buy regular — not prescription — sunglasses, and have more than one pair. I hadn’t been able to do that since high school in the 50’s. I am thrilled with my new eyes and I am thrilled that Dr. Wong had been recommended to me. The staff at the office is also wonderful. I got lost, more than once, and called the office and they directed me right into the parking lot.

–Thank you Dr. Wong and your office staff.–

– Earline Gipson, Office Manager

It’s been like a miracle… it’s a whole new world! Now, not only can I see the trees again, I can see the leaves on the trees. And the colors are so vividI can’t imagine what I would have missed when I went to Hawaii. Thanks to you, Maui was beautiful and I could see everything. I have talked to so many people in the same situation (with cataracts), and I tell them, “Don’t hesitate one minute (to have cataract surgery)!” I can’t believe the difference it makes. I am so happy.. I’m your Number One Fan!

– Gail Farrell, Fuel Station Attendant

Now it (my vision) is so much different! I don’t have to look for glasses anymore to read or just to see everything well. I just pick up something now and read. It’s a whole new world. (With cataracts) I had lost interest in reading and doing my puzzles, and now I’m enjoying being able to do those things again. I can’t say how much it (my cataract surgery) has meant to me!

-Ruthie Durst, Retired