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LASIK Eye Surgery in Austin Review

Just over 2 years ago, one of our more creative clients volunteered to write a blog about his Customized LASIK experience at Eyes of Texas Laser Center.  Marc Gunn is a Celtic American musician, podcaster, and avid blogger.  Go to www.marcgunn.com/articles/2007/03/lasik-eye-surgery-in-austin-review.shtml (Part One), and www.marcgunn.com/articles/2007/03/lasik-eye-surgery-in-austin-review-part.shtml (Part 2) to read about Marc’s laser vision correction experience.

Marc’s homepage is www.marcgunn.com

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Help Protect Your Eyesight

New studies have shown that while we are living longer lives due to improved health standards, our eyes are not. At birth our each of our eyes start out with around one hundred and fifty million light catching photoreceptors, but over the course of a lifetime we will end up losing up to several hundred a day. This explains why a person’s vision slowly decreases over the course of a lifetime.

As part of their research doctors are investigating how foods that are rich in antioxidants as well as environments rich in oxygen can help benefit those photoreceptors and help maintain your vision later on in life.

Doctors also suggest that after the age of twenty you should wear sunglasses while outside in bright light, though adolescents do need that light for their eyes to develop correctly and prevent the onset of near sightedness.

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LASIK Allows Military Pilots to Fly

Despite being available for over a decade, militaries have been reluctant to accept trainees who had eliminated their need for glasses through LASIK surgery. Then the United States Air Force decided to allowed trainees to receive laser eye surgery to correct impaired vision. Now the Israel Air Force has graduated its first pilot to receive the same surgery.

With the allowance of laser surgery the United States Army can now restore the eyesight of pilots with failing vision, or expand the pool of potential pilots.

Over the last four years the United States Military has successfully permitted laser vision correction for troops. This allows troops who would normally be hindered in combat by glasses to commit their full attention to tasks without the worry or hassle of glasses or contact lenses.

One More Reason to Get Rid of Those Contact Lenses?

According to a recent article on OSN (Ocular Sugical News) SuperSite, one surgeon supports having refractive surgery over wearing contact lenses to minimize the risk of eye infections. 

Dr. Minas T. Coroneo, M.D. quoted results from a study by Mathers et al stating that the risk of getting a bacterial eye infection from daily contact lens wear is 1 in 100 people.  In comparison, the refractive surgery infection rate shown in the study was 1 in 800.

Dr. Coroneo concluded, “When you look at it, over a lifetime, it’s safer to have refractive surgery than using contact lenses, since prevention is better than a cure.”

Source: OSN SuperSite, Jan. 2009

Welcome to Our New Blog Page

Calling All Bloggers…And Everyone Else Interested in Vision Correction!

Welcome to Eyes of Texas Laser Center’s new blog page.  We look forward to making this page both informative and interactive.  So, if you have topics to suggest or questions to ask about today’s  state-of-the-art vision correction procedures, please write us.  Keep in mind that while some questions may have good general answers, others may require more detailed info based on your particular situation.  Thus, a Free Screening with our surgeon would answer your questions completely and give you very specific information. 

Whether you have been researching Customized LASIK, Lens Vision Correction, or Cataract Surgery for just a couple of weeks — or even several years — your questions or concerns are important, and they are quite likely similar to those of other people considering vision correction.

To our wonderful clients who have already achieved visual freedom, please feel free to offer commentary to any topics that you are comfortable discussing. 

Please note that all questions and comments are reviewed first before posting.  Thank you for your interest in vision correction.

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