Is NOW Your Time to Achieve Visual Freedom?

At Eyes of Texas Laser Center, we specialize in a variety of vision correction procedures.  Since Customized LASIK may not be the best choice for everyone, we offer other options could help you achieve your best vision…without the daily hassles of glasses and contact lenses.

Recently we saw a client who was very interested in LASIK surgery when she originally came in about 10 years ago.  Back then, LASIK eye surgery was not an optimal choice for her.  However, now she is a perfect candidate for Lens Implant Vision Correction, which can correct her vision conditions created by both “Mother Nature” and “Father Time.”   

So, if you’ve been told previously that vision correction surgery is not for you, come in to Eyes of Texas Laser Center and see what options you may have.  Our surgeon, Dr. L. Shawn Wong, M.D, will demonstrate your vision options.  You might be pleased to learn that your time is now to achieve visual freedom! 

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