Traveling After LASIK

It’s a common question that we hear at Eyes of Texas Laser Center, especially as the summer months or extended winter holidays approach…”When can I take a trip after having my LASIK surgery?” 

The vast majority of our clients drive themselves to our office the day after their LASIK surgery for their first post-op visit.  So taking a trip even the day after surgery is fine, pending our surgeon’s (L. Shawn Wong, M.D.’s) approval at the post-op appointment. 

Of course it’s very important that you continue your post-surgery drop regimen even while traveling.  If you’re reaching your destination by airplane, be sure to have your drops (especially your artificial tears) with you in the cabin since the recirculated air can be quite dry.  If you’re driving, take regular “drop breaks” to keep your eyes nice and hydrated. 

Following your surgeon’s recommendations, combined with keeping your eye drop schedule, should help you comfortably reach your destination…all while enjoying the sights along the way with your renewed vision!

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