Customized LASIK Austin TX

LASIK (Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis) surgery is a revolutionary laser procedure that alters the shape of the human cornea allowing light to more accurately land in focus on the retina. The result is the elimination of the need for glasses or contacts, or less dependency on them. Now you can get custom LASIK surgery at the Eyes Of Texas Laser Center in Austin.

The technologically advanced Excimer laser is a computer controlled ultra-violet beam or “cool” non-thermal light. Now, in the second decade of its use, the laser has added a tremendous amount of precision, control and safety to the surgical correction of vision errors. At Eyes Of Texas Laser Center we specialize in custom LASIK surgery and will help you to achieve the best visual outcome possible.

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LASIK surgery is performed in the following steps:

Digital illustration of an eye with a corneal flap After the eye is numbed with eye drops, it is gently held open to prevent blinking. A customized flap is created on the cornea with an instrument called a microkeratome.
Digital illustration of an eye with a laser reshaping the cornea While looking at a target light, the laser reshapes the cornea.
Digital illustration of an eye with its corneal flap readhered The flap is then folded back into place. The flap self adheres, requiring no stitches.