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Why does our eyesight get worse as we age?

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As we age, beginning around the age of 40, most people experience a change in vision that requires them to wear reading glasses for near vision. The natural lens of the eye begins to lose its flexibility, reducing the eye’s ability to change its range of focus from near…to intermediate…to distance and then back again.

This condition is known as “presbyopia“. Eventually, even bifocal or trifocal glasses will be necessary to achieve one’s best vision.

How can Lens Implants improve my eyesight?

Now, with the technology of Lens Implant procedures (also called Refractive Lens Exchange or Refractive Lensectomy), patients may once again have clear distance, intermediate, and near vision without glasses or contact lenses!

It is a non-laser procedure that replaces the eye’s natural lens with a lens implant specially designed and calibrated to restore all ranges of vision. This new lens is inserted through a tiny self-healing incision and is not visible to the naked eye. Unlike the eye’s natural lens, the implant does not deteriorate over time.

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What results can I expect from Lens Implants?

For the proper candidate, lens implant vision correction can correct both “Mother Nature” and “Father Time” vision problems and extreme vision problems that are not treatable with LASIK.

Exciting new technology with intraocular lenses (IOL) implants can now give clients an even wider range of vision correction possibilities, such as mono-focal vision or multifocal vision (using Synergy, Symfony, Tecnis, ReStor, ReZoom, etc. lenses).

Your decision to have vision correction surgery should be made carefully, considering your visual requirements (occupation, lifestyle, hobbies, etc.) and your surgeon’s recommendations.

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