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It has been over a year since my last eye surgery with Dr. Wong. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. I will be 70 years old in December. My whole life I have wanted to see well enough to live my life without glasses. I did not know stars or leaves really existed until I got my first pair of glasses at 7 years old. I could not see a white cat on a bathtub. I had two past unsuccessful eye surgeries, so I did not want to comment until I was sure of his skills. Today, thanks to Dr. Wong I see well enough to perform most daily tasks without glasses. I am so grateful to Dr. Wong and his helpful and caring staff. I would recommend him to anyone. He has literally accomplished a miracle for me. I hope he and his staff have a wonderful holiday. He and his staff are so caring and skilled. They have been a real blessing for so many people. Thank you all!!!

– Lora, Retired Administrative Law Judge

I had the double lens replacement (PHASER) surgery…I was wondering this morning how I would respond if for some reason I was told I had to give it (my new vision) back and return to where I was. At the very least I would fight them, maybe with weapons. Frankly, without hyperbole, this simply qualifies as a miracle for me. My wife, who is an RN, had the same surgery and my daughter had LASIK. Both feel like I do…

The Eyes Of Texas staff is a tight team, client focused, friendly and understated, but obviously competent…Dr. Shawn Wong is passionate about his work and is one of the few that delivers great and obvious value for its cost, while appreciating how lucky and rare that condition is. He works in an area so hyped and marketed that I was more than commonly suspicious…

I have friends and family that I have already told about my experience and were I them, or you, I would not consider having it done with anybody else or any place else.

– Weston M. Binford, Jr., Attorney

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for my “restored sight” (with the PHASER/ReStor procedure). Every day is full of beautiful sights. It is a miracle to see so clearly. My heart is so full grateful my friends told me about you.

May God continue to use you to help people be able to see all the beauty of each day through your gift and talent of restoration of sight surgery.

– Constance K. Ferrin, Pre-School Teacher

Please accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your recent restoration of my vision (with the PHASER procedure). Through your outstanding medical care and personal compassion, I am learning to live “LIFE” all over again with vigor and a new vitality. As a result of your accurate assessment and superb surgical skills, I can see things like I used to be able to as a fighter pilot flying the F-15. You have made a significant change to my well-being, and I am ever so grateful to have been under your care.

I would be most appreciative if you could congratulate your marvelous staff for their caring and professionalism, as well. They made my visits to your office so enjoyable that all I had to do was be there. Well done!… Both you and your staff are TOP NOTCH!

– Lee R. Gerstacker, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.)/Registered Financial Consultant

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In the last three years especially, I had become increasingly dependent upon — and frustrated with — my glasses. Having worn glasses since I was 20, and now at the age of 55, I had progressed from single lenses to the bi-focal stage and on to progressive lenses of significant strength. I had to wear them ALL the time, from the first minute of waking through the final minutes of going to sleep. So in these later years, with the hot Texas sun and years of the sweat pouring over my head and glasses, I decided to consider other options (besides glasses or contacts). Especially since, even with glasses, I found it more and more difficult to read the newspaper, phone books, and restaurant menus. Contacts were never an option for me because I was (and am) super-sensitive to anything foreign coming near my eyes. I once had an office put a contact lens in one eye as a trial, and it took a team of four of them to take it out…and it had to be done immediately.

On my initial visit, Dr. Wong strongly suggested that I not have the laser surgery…but (he recommended) the longer-lasting PHASER (with ReStor) surgery. As I watched the video showing exactly what would be done in the PHASER surgery, I became even more fearful. But as I found out, the more I learned in the video, the more I could talk with Dr. Wong about the surgery. After much debating and hesitating on my part, I decided that I did indeed trust Dr. Wong, and to go ahead with the PHASER/ReStor vision correction. On the day of the first surgery, I was still very scared and hesitant, but had complete confidence in Dr. Wong and his staff, and believed that I could “endure it”.

As it turns out, there was no pain. The fear soon left me, and as predicted, I emerged one week after my surgeries with 20/20 vision or better! And Dr. Wong says that my vision should even improve over the next few months as my brain and my eyes learn to function better together again. And why would I not believe him now! After such a fantastic experience!

I am completely elated. And stunned! If I had any advice for a person considering this, I would say, “First educate yourself on the procedure and then trust Dr. Shawn Wong with your eyes.” Thank you very much Dr. Wong.

– Mark Miller, Database Coordinator