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LASIK Eye Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I a good candidate for Laser Vision Correction in Austin, Texas?

The majority of nearsighted, farsighted, and astigmatic people over the age of 18 are potential candidates for laser vision correction in Austin. The best candidates for laser vision correction tend to be people who are dissatisfied with their contact lenses or glasses and are motivated to make a change, whether due to occupational or lifestyle reasons.

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How much does Laser Vision Correction in Austin cost?

At Eyes Of Texas, we offer the highest quality and value to our clients. Our standard Customized LASIK eye surgery price is $2,100 per eye (cash, check, credit card, and outside financing) which includes the surgery, the facility fee, and post-operative care.

Affordable payment plans with convenient financing options are available through Care Credit. Apply quickly and easily on-line or over the phone at 800-365-8295. Your bank or credit union may also offer personal loans to help finance your visual freedom procedure.

Why is there so much price variation in town for Laser Vision Correction?

At Eyes Of Texas, there is ONE FAIR PRICE for Customized LASIK. There is no “tiering” of care or price for any LASIK candidate.

Discount laser centers advertise unbelievably low prices only to raise them “a la carte” style after you are in their offices. Your care will be divided, and most of your exam time is spent with technicians and optometrists (non-Eye-M.D.’s). You probably will meet your surgeon only during surgery.

On the other end, some practices offer different levels of care and prices. They try to make distinctions between lower-priced “regular” LASIK and higher-priced “custom” LASIK.

At Eyes Of Texas, we recognize that every client is unique! Every candidate receives Customized LASIK at Eyes Of Texas with a fair price.

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What can I expect from the LASIK procedure?

Prior to laser vision correction, anesthetic eye drops will be administered to the patient to numb the eye. After the eye drops have had a chance to take effect, the patient is led to a treatment room and positioned in a comfortable chair underneath the laser system.

Once the patient is centered, he or she is asked to focus on a small, bright light visible from the bottom of the microscope. This allows the eye to be suitably aligned, and the actual treatment can then begin. The results of the patient’s pre-operative (pre-op) evaluation will determine the custom calculations that are entered into the laser’s computer.

How long does the Laser Vision Correction in Austin take?

The actual time the laser is treating the eyes is about 30 seconds per eye, depending on the amount of correction needed. The total procedure time for both eyes is approximately 15 minutes.

Are there risks associated with LASIK?

Long-term sight-threatening complications from LASIK are very uncommon.* The excimer laser has been proven to be safe and effective for the treatment of the great majority of prescriptions. The chance of having a serious vision-threatening complication is much less than 1%.

The surgeon performing your laser vision correction surgery at Eyes Of Texas Laser Center will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

What about halos and glare?

Our surgeon’s Customized LASIK techniques significantly reduce the possibility of halo and glare. During your LASIK evaluation, we will show you how this can be achieved.

Will I feel discomfort during laser vision correction or afterwards?

The eye is numbed so you will not have any discomfort during the procedure. After the procedure, some people have a minor “scratchy” sensation that is relieved by drops and usually goes away in a few hours.

What can I expect following laser vision correction?

Following your laser vision correction procedure, drops are placed in the eye to facilitate the healing process. After your treatment you will need to go home and rest. Sleep is very helpful to the eyes and ensures quicker healing following the procedure.

When can I return to work and normal activities?

Most clients are able to return to work and normal activities the day following the procedure. Although vision may fluctuate a bit, it is functional within 24 hours after surgery.

If I have LASIK will I achieve 20/20 vision?

20/20 and better is the Eyes Of Texas standard. Historically, the vast majority of our clients have had wonderful results after having laser vision correction at Eyes Of Texas Laser Center. We are committed to helping each client achieve visual freedom. Our experienced surgeon and staff will work with you to accomplish this goal.

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