Maintaining “20/Happy” After LASIK

Our surgeon, Dr. L. Shawn Wong. M.D., has successfully corrected vision well over a decade now in Austin with LASIK.  Many of our LASIK clients have enjoyed great vision for many years without any additional visits to an eye specialist.  If you are one of those “20/Happy” clients who hasn’t been in lately for an annual eye exam, here is some info you’ll want to know… 

While vision is one indicator of how you’re doing, it doesn’t tell you everything about your eyes.  Changes in vision can be subtle or occur very gradually over a length of time.  Some eye conditions have little or no effect on how you’re seeing, but do compromise the health of your eyes.  A comprehensive eye exam will tell you how you’re doing and…

  • if you have any medical conditions affecting your eyes
  • if you can “fine-tune” your vision with LASIK or a different type of vision correction procedure
  • what you can do to stay “20/Happy”

Your medical health insurance may cover a portion of eye exams and non-elective procedures.  Call our office for details and to schedule an appointment.

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