5 More Laser Eye Surgery Myths

No one knows the long term effects of laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery has been around for more than fifteen years now with numerous studies done on the long and short term effects it has on your eyes.  The data so far shows that after healing there are generally no negative effects, giving doctors confidence in the ongoing health of the eye after laser vision correction

There is a lot of risk associated with laser eye surgery

As with any surgery there is risk, but for good candidates laser eye surgery is a very safe procedure.  Talking to an experienced doctor and finding out if you’re a good candidate is a very important first step prior to your vision correction surgery.

All laser eye surgery is the same so go with the cheapest

There are many important factors when it comes to vision correction.  Follow up and patient screenings are incredibly important when it comes to the success of laser eye surgery.  Make sure you choose a qualified doctor for your laser eye surgery.

I’ll have to wear glasses or contacts after my laser eye surgery

Every patient’s individual experience will vary and we strive for 20/20 for each of our patients.  Some patients will find that they may still have to wear reading glasses, and with age some people will find that naturally occurring conditions may impair their vision. Make sure to talk to your doctor about these concerns.

Laser eye surgery is only temporary

Laser eye surgery has proven itself to be amazingly stable over time.  There are a small percentage of people who will need a touch up (around two to three percent), but each individual patients results will be unique.  You should discuss this with your doctor before your surgery.

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