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For individuals with serious vision problems such as myself, having 20/20 vision is a dream beyond one’s imagination. It has been 4 years since my life’s changing experience took place, thanks to Dr. Wong and Eyes Of Texas Laser Center. The subject of laser eye surgery was first brought to my attention by friends and coworkers who spoke highly of both their experience and results of their laser eye surgery performed by Dr. Shawn Wong. After much fear, debate, and pondering, I finally made the decision to take a step that would totally change my life. This first step started with attending a LASIK Seminar presented by Dr. Shawn Wong. Shortly after the seminar, I was scheduled for the free eye examination. Wow! Was I surprised at what Dr. Wong could do for my vision, and within a week of my free eye examination, I was back in his office on my next step to having my vision problems corrected.

The results of my initial examination revealed that I would not be a candidate for LASIK surgery due to a condition called Keratoconus, which had caused my cornea to become cone-shaped and thinner, thereby disrupting my visual function. Dr. Wong, however, presented me with an alternative solution for addressing my vision problems through a treatment procedure that involved the use of Intacs. They work by reshaping the curvature of the cornea from within, thereby enhancing the natural shape of my eyes. These Intacs are clear thin inserts that form the shape of a ring and are placed in the cornea. Immediately after going through the procedure of having the Intacs inserted into my eyes, my vision improved tremendously. I could now clearly see without prescription lenses or contacts. Not only did my vision improve, the procedure was also painless.

Thanks to Dr. Wong and his ever-courteous and caring staff, my life has totally changed. As I previously stated to Dr. Wong, “Thanks to him and his staff, I feel that I have been given a new sense of life in that I can now see a world like I have never seen before.”

– David Alvarado, Paralegal


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